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The main benefit of central air is to remove heat and humidity from the inside of a room, home, or building and maintain comfort. Central air installation has a goal of keeping the interior of a building at a constant temperature no matter what is happening with the temperature outside. Without central air to help natural ventilation inside of homes and buildings, the height and depth of buildings would be limited to allow for natural air flow.
When the central air conditioner first came into use at the beginning of the twentieth century, it was used to cool down a printing plant in Syracuse, New York. By the 1950s, people wanted the same kind of coolness in their homes and cars. So, the demand created a need for the central air conditioner model to be reduced in size and sold in residential settings.

The way central air conditioners work is through a refrigeration process that works much like that found in refrigerators that store and cool food. Heat naturally flows from high heat sources to lower heat sources, but the refrigeration process reverses this natural tendency.

In much the same way, central air conditioners use an electric motor and compressor to release heat, reduce the humidity of the air, and pump a refrigerant through the unit to aid the cooling process.


In order to install the proper equipment, a system first must be sized correctly You can count on ThermoCare to give a quote on an adequately sized unit for your home. Air conditioner installation is not successfully approached as a hobby or side project.
It is a serious investment and can heavily influence the comfort level of the interior of a home or building.

The start of any central air conditioner installation process begins with determining how much space is available in a house to install the system. Here are some of the things that ThermoCare will plan for:

  • Where to place ducts.
  • Place the air handler near a condensation drain that runs away from the foundation of a house.
  • Install a compressor.
  • Ensure the electrical requirements for the installation do not drain the capacity of the house.
  • Install a thermostat.
Costs for this central air conditioner installation will always depend on the square footage of a house and the type of until that is installed. The process could take about as much as two to three days to complete properly. Every installation has a number of factors that influence the time frame.

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Repair & Maintenance

Central air conditioner units should be serviced about twice a year to ensure they are working efficiently and that service technicians can check for any impending trouble. Customers should make sure to check and change filters monthly. The above-ground outside unit should stay free of leaves, trash and other debris. It should also be monitored to be sure grass, flowers or weeds are not growing to block the unit. Pets and stray animals should be kept away from central air conditioners because they can get hurt, and pet urine can create costly damage to the unit.